barbara bernrieder


Today’s post is another artist discovery brought to you courtesy of pinterest (and me). I’m not sure how I am lucky enough to continually find these artists, but I’m not knocking it. So, Barbara Bernrieder is a German artist, and her website is in German. Unfortunately for me, I don’t sprechen sie Deutsch, so I’m going on the translations on her website, and what I’ve seen on other websites. According to her website, her artwork can best be classified as abstract paintings with layers of color overlaid one on top of the other to create an imaginary coordinate system. One of the techniques she uses is painting with the canvas on the floor and tilting it every now and again to influence the flow of the paint. Her use of various types of paints from acrylic to car paint adds to the unique quality of her work. Enough gab, let’s check it out.

you can really see the layers in this one.

This is just a small sampling of the works on her website. She has so much to offer featuring completely abstract pieces, and even sometimes delving in to abstract landscapes. I’m such a fan of her work. I think that if you take a trip over to her website and check out her wide array of work, you will be nothing but impressed. I know I am!


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