tiny fawn


I stumbled across the etsy shop tinyfawn owned by Darrah Gooden on a couple different blogs, and I fell in love with her art. First of all, it’s little tiny animals (which we all know I have a weakness for) and secondly, her pieces of art are collages of tissue paper! From what I can tell, she creates these collages with some sort of modpodge on top of canvases. According to her shop profile, she draws most of her inspiration from the colorful images in children’s books. I decided to ask her some questions to learn more about her and her artwork. Check it out.

1. Tell us a little about your background. [where you’re from, how you got started, how you got to where you are today, etc.]

I was born in the Mississippi Delta, raised in East Texas and currently reside in Dallas, Texas. My mom taught art classes in the 80’s, and had success designing and creating her own line of hand-puff-painted t-shirts at the height of their popularity. As a young girl I was naturally influenced by my mother’s creativity and art supplies were never lacking in our home. I do not ever recall questioning if I was an artist, I just assumed I was one because I was encouraged in such a way for as far back as I can remember.

I went on to study art in Waco,Texas at Baylor University and graduated with a BFA degree in painting. Since graduating, I have spent the last ten years creating and selling my art. However, it has only been in the last two years that my work has evolved into what can now be seen at Tiny Fawn. During October of 2009, I became a new mom and suddenly found myself immersed in a new-to-me world of baby design. Specifically, I was influenced by children’s books, clean furniture design and accessories, and bold color as opposed to a softer, more muted palette. All of these influences, coupled with a desire to create art to hang in my son’s room that was not only enjoyable to my son, but to me and my husband as well, birthed a body of work that can now be seen at Tiny Fawn.

2. When you’re not creating, how do you fill your days?
Keeping up with a super active two year old boy!

3. Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate. No question.

4. What keeps you inspired to continue to create?

The process of creating. It is often difficult for me to sit down and start a project, even if I have vision for it. The beginning is always the most challenging part for me. But, once I get past that hump and move into the sweet in-between spot, in which I can feel a piece begin to come together even though it still has miles to go…that is enjoyment. That is motivation for me to keep creating.

5. Where is your favorite place to travel? [vacation, or on a daily basis]

California. My husband and I have traveled to several spots in Southern California over the last few years and we are always up for going back. Beautiful.

6. Do you have a designated studio? If so, what is your favorite part of it?

I do have a small sunroom that I use as my studio. My favorite part is that I can make a mess in there and leave it. It is closed off from the rest of house.

7. What is your number one cure for artist’s block?

Starting. As I mentioned in question number four, if I will only push myself to step out and begin, even with little vision the process will typically overcome the block, and something worth keeping will be found.

8. If you had to describe your creative style in three words — which three would you choose?

bold, clean, delicate

9. Where do you see yourself in seven years?

I hope to see myself surrounded by family, enjoying life as a mom and wife, with a fresh body of artwork to go along with it. I hope that I continue to evolve as an artist, rather than finding myself stuck in a rut because the rut yields income. I hope that I am still pushing myself to “start”.

10. Do you have any exciting upcoming projects that you can or want to share with us?

I am working on some new Tiny Fawn animals larger scale canvas and plan to add them to the shop in the near future. Please check back soon!

It’s so interesting to learn the background behind the art! Now, let’s see some of the art!

Her shop is full of these awesome creations. You’re going to have to head over there and check them out. I think it’s awesome how she uses these tiny strips of tissue paper as pieces of her art. The things that I would look at as trash, and scraps, and things that I would throw away she uses as a basis for her art. Like the branch the owl is sitting on, or the teeny tiny pieces of brown she uses as the owl’s feet. I would have trashed those. But she has put them in her collage and created a beautiful piece of art. I would love to have a series of these on the walls of my non-existent baby’s nursery! Perfect!


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