michelle armas


Apparently you can now buy one of a kind pieces of art on anthropologie. I don’t know if this has always been the case, I usually avoid that section of the website. However, I clicked over there yesterday and instantly fell in love with the first five pieces of art. They were all painted by Michelle Armas, and I was mesmerized by her use of color and pattern. When I clicked on one of the paintings to a get a closer look, I read the item description, and I loved it almost as much as I loved the painting! “Inspired by intricate woven textiles from the turn of the last century, the arts and crafts movement and an autumn trip to New York that found her awash in crisp leaves, twinkling lights and gallery visits, Atlanta-based artist Michelle Armas created this acrylic-and-graphite work of art.” I can totally feel see the crisp leaves and twinkling lights in her paintings! So, I decided to find more!



“Opaque” — this is my fave.



“All Night Diner”

“A Little More to the Left”

I wish I had $3000 to drop on one of those. I love the vibe they give off and the way they make me smile. I feel like I’m floating on my back down some lazy stream, and looking up at the tree branches overhanging the water, full of blooms. I can even see the white clouds and blue sky peeking through the branches. I mean, not all of them make me feel that way, but I still feel happy when I look at them, which totally equates to stream floating.

While I was looking on anthropologie, I saw a couple other interesting artists, and one of them I recognized. YangYang Pan! Remember when I did a post on her a couple months back? How cool is that? I posted about her before anthropologie featured her. I’ve totally got my finger on the pulse of the up and coming art scene. HAHA I just made myself LOL. Anyway, still pretty neat, whether just a coincidence or not.


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  1. I had no idea that Anthropologie carried Art. I love the color in these abstract pieces and I live in Atlanta so I will have to check out this artist.

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