I know I’ve done a post on balloons before, but these are different. And what can I say, I love balloons. These beautiful pieces of art were created by Sivan Sternbach. Sivan creates ceramic balloons. I think the idea behind these pieces is genius. Balloons have such a fragility to them, and to create them out of ceramic is such a paradox. Balloons as a general rule are malleable, and dimple when touched. A ceramic balloon does not have these same property, and it becomes a completely different beast. Check these out.

The last one is my favorite. I don’t know much about crafting ceramics, but I wonder how intentional this was. Do you think maybe there was an actual balloon that was dipped in or covered in ceramic or however that works, and then in the firing process it cracked? Regardless, I love the finished result. I love the cracked and shattered look of this balloon. You would never ever see this in an actual balloon unless it was freeze dried or something. I’m really just taken aback by this beautiful balloon sculpture. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen!


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