Easter eggs


With the world wide web at our fingertips, it is difficult to approach a holiday without an extreme influx of holiday related items all over the internet. My pinterest is full of Easter and spring items, and a lot of the blogs I read have been focusing on Easter, too! So since everyone else is doing it, and I haven’t really done very many holiday posts up to this point, I thought I’d hit y’all with an Easter egg post and see how it went over.

I’ve always been a traditional Easter egg dye-r myself. You know, by the PAAS kit from the grocery store, add the tablets to the vinegar, watch it fizzle, and dunk your eggs. But this year, again thanks to the internet, I’ve seen a bunch of different options of egg decorating, and I’m really loving the looks! Here are a couple of examples!

common color theme

lace eggs

patterned eggs

natural dyes

doily stenciled eggs

decoupage egss

silk tie dyed eggs

chalkboard eggs

How cool are these different ideas? I’m totally inspired to try some of these, but I think I would have to do it on hollowed out eggs so that I could keep all of my hard work. Do you guys have any tried and true decorating methods? I’d love to hear about them!


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