destiny womack


So searching around on etsy in my usual way, I ran across some amazing abstract paintings in a shop called wostudios. The shop is owned by Destiny Womack who is a self-taught artist residing in Oklahoma. She uses acrylic and oil paints to capture the images she visualizes in her imagination. Her artwork has a level of fluidity to it that is like nothing I’ve seen before. I’ll let you take a look for yourself.

What do you guys think? Doesn’t it literally look like she threw buckets of paint onto the canvases? I don’t know how exactly she creates the look of each of these paintings, but I have a feeling is ti s abit more meticulous than just throwing paint. I feel like she draws each individual splash or sploosh. And the way the colors blend on top of each other as if they have been watered down or treated with some kind of thinner creates an awesome, unique look. I love the style, the color, the shapes, and everything that is represented within these paintings. I love the world of etsy and all that it is allowed me to discover! Do you guys have any new discoveries you want to share!?


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  1. I really like the combination of acrylics and oils. I have never seen them used together before. It almost looks like the colors are marbled together. Thanks for sharing.

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