serene seascapes


As anyone who frequents my blog my know, I am a fan of huge installation pieces that are made out of unusual items. I’ve featured a map made out of recycled computer parts, portraits made from trash, an entire mural out of rubik’s cubes, etc. I’ve found another one to share with all of you. This one is courtesy of my awesome friend and co-worker, Casey! (Be sure to check out her blog, here). This piece is called Serene Seascapes and was created by Yoan Capote. This 26 foot wide mural is made of 500,000 fish hooks and nails.

Serene Seascape by Yoan Capote

I don’t know about you guys, but when I think about serene seascapes, pretty much the last thing I think of is a ton of rusty fish hooks. I love how when you look at the mural from afar, you are bewitched by what appears to be a calm sea. There are waves, but no white caps. Imagine how peaceful it would be if you were out there watching those waves. However, when you get right up close on the mural, you see that it is not very peaceful at all. It is full of jagged hooks! How crazy is that? Such an interesting idea and a crazy concept. I love it! What do you guys think?


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