Ran Hwang


Today I’m featuring an artist named Ran Hwang. Ran Hwang is an artist that creates beautiful large scale pieces of art from items found in the fashion industry. She hammers pins into the wall and uses these to hold buttons which remain free to move. This gives the pieces of art a life of their own. In her artist’s statement, Ran says that she uses buttons because they are “as common and ordinary as human beings.” Check out some of her pieces using pins and buttons below.

I love these installations! I think it’s such a unique idea. She’s right. Buttons and pins are about as common as you can get–especially in the fashion industry. And I love the way she puts them together and uses them to create pieces that are anything but common on ordinary. I think my favorite part about the two red pieces is that there is a little pile on the floor. Can you imagine the life that must come into these pieces when a breeze passes by them? Like the ruffling of the birds’ feathers, or the blowing of the blossoms? I’m definitely a fan!


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  1. Now I like this a lot. Imagine the patience required to complete just one. So many little pins and buttons! How can she even imagine it?? and her designs are so pretty. I really like these! Good job, Samantha!

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