Hamlin Design


Etsy. I’m telling you guys. This website is amazing. I feel like it is this vast untapped source of amazing art. One of my favorite things to do is to just type in a search word, and scroll through the results until I find something that I like. Then I go to that artist’s shop and see how I feel about the rest of their work. Recently, I found this amazing shop called Hamlin Design that sells little animal sculptures. I was immediately drawn to them because of the simple lines of the animals, and the obvious use of color.

I love these little guys! I totally need a little army of these guys to hang out with me in my cubicle at work. How cute is that last dog’s little ears? I also really like the tails of the cats. Too adorable! One of the things I’ve always had difficulty with when working with clay is not leaving fingerprints all over what I’m working on. Is getting rid of these some kind of acquired skill? I wish someone would fill me in. Check out that little yellow bird– so smooth and pretty! Awesome!


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  1. These are fabulous! I agree, the cat tails are spot on. Another way I like to browse Etsy is searching for a color. My cart is filled with things I want to buy eventually!

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