Real life Up!


I know that we’ve all seen the movie Up. What a tear-jerker, right? I was totally not expecting that when I first started watching it. I’m slightly emotional as it is. And you combine that with any level of cinematography and you have a genuine sobbing mess on your hands. I can’t even remember the last movie I went to see in the theaters that didn’t make me cry. That’s just how I roll. My friends and family have learned to accept it. When others stare in the movie theaters, they just say, “She’s okay,” and continue to consolingly pat me on the back. But I digress. Up was such a good movie. I loved it not only for the story, but for the artistry. Everything in that movie was so bright and colorful. It was perfect. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the screen shot from the movie where the balloons first start to carry the house away. But did you know that a team of National Geographic scientists and engineers recreated just that!? In the middle of the California desert, a 16’ x 16’ house went flying with 300 8’ helium filled balloons. Each balloon took an entire tank of helium! The house ended up flying 10000 feet high!

How cool is that?! I’ve done balloon posts before, so you all know how much I love balloons. And how much I love brightly colored things. And setting records and recreating movies in relief is pretty awesome, too! Way to go National Geographic people. You guys rock my world.


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