Jose Romussi


One of my favorite things about writing a blog is when friends and family send me links to items they think would be interesting for me to post on my blog. I love seeing all of the neat stuff that they find, and it also means a lot to me that they think highly enough of me and my blog to remember it and me when they are just browsing the internet! Anyway, today I’m featuring an artist that was brought to my attention by my sweet sister, Jessica. The artist is Jose Romussi. He is a Chilean artist who employs a wide variety of techniques. He is mainly a mixed media artist that focuses on accenting images with thread or embroidery. He also has some fabric and embroidery art, as well as works on paper. The images my sister linked me to were works from a series of dancers. You can check them out below!

I love how he spices up these old timey black and white photos with the bright embroidery. I think the last one is my favorite. I love the scalloped design he chose to embroider on the skirt. I also like the blue/aqua one–because I can really feel the movement of her dance moves in the way he chose to accent the skirt with the thread.

Jose also has some, um, interesting brightly colored paintings on his website. Unfortunately, there are only a few that I am comfortable posting on my blog, because I’m not sure that the other ones could necessarily be considered PG. However, the use of color in all of them is gorgeous. Check these out.

You’ll have to check out the rest of the watercolor images on his website.

As I mentioned earlier, Jose has some awesome works of art on his website. You guys will enjoy going over there and checking out all of the interesting and different works of art. I love his dancers, as well as all of his watercolor paintings. Thank you again to Jessica for sharing Jose’s work with me!


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