weekend getaway


With all of this pretty weather we’ve been having lately, I’ve been feeling a little stifled here in Columbia. I was thinking how fun it would be to have a weekend getaway somewhere. I’ve been wanting to go to Savannah for quite some time now. I don’t know what all there is to do there, but I know that Paula Deen’s restaurant is there, and that you can take tours of old historic homes. So putting all of that together, I decided to do a weekend getaway inspired post!

Kate Spade Weekender Bag — for carrying my cute, stylish, and obscenely expensive outfits.

For walking around through all of those old historic houses.

I love this. This is actually the kind of bag I usually carry when I travel. I can fit all my normal purse items, as well as maps, travel guides, cameras, small souvenirs, drinks, etc. And I always make sure to carry cross bodied, because I’m not even trying to get mugged.

This would come in super handy at the end of the trip. Perfect for that time when you have all those leftover clothes that you don’t want to mix with the stuff you’ve worn because then you get all confused. and when you get home you end up washing it all anyway.

I want to go to here.

Nice and breezy!

Do I need these, or what?!

Can you ever have too many bags? Especially when traveling! I feel like a need a little tiny place to put every little tiny thing. So what if my ipod and earbuds get their own little tiny holder? So does my nook. My phone charger has a special travelling place, too. So there.

So what do you guys think? Think I’m ready to travel? I think I might be set! I’m loving all of these cute travel inspired items– aren’t you? Now all I need is for someone (aka my husband) to read this post and help me plan a trip to Savannah!


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  1. “because I’m not even trying to get mugged.” LOL! You crack me up! This post is making me even more excited about vacation!!

  2. you are hilarious! I like the new direction of this issue….you got your love of little things from me, I am afraid. I need every one of those, too. and did you see the girl in the black dress had on blue shoes? love it! I will go to Savannah with you! Call me if you need a buddy.

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