a breath of sea air


Here’s a little history on me. I am from a small town on the coast of South Carolina. I grew up right near the beach. I spent a lot of my childhood on the beach jumping waves with my dad, building drip castles with my sister, and searching for coquinas and shark’s teeth with my mom. It is maybe because of where I grew up that as an adult, I’m not a huge fan of the beach. There’s just too much sand. And it gets all over you, and it’s impossible to get rid of. Not to mention, that when you’re swimming in the water, you’re swimming with millions of creatures. And that creeps me out. Anyway, being from the beach, I am not a stranger to the terrible tacky beach decor many use to decorate their beach houses. This post is my homage to the beach and the ocean. It’s how I would subtly include beach decor into my house.. if I felt so inclined.

these are just adorable.

Happy beach times. I think I’m heading to beach sometime later this summer. I hope to enjoy the sticky salty air. I hope to get completely covered in sand. I hope to have small sea creatures brush up against my legs and creep me out. I hope to get beaten by rough waves, and inhale plenty of salt water. You get the idea.

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  1. I will be sure all those things happen to you. Love all the items you chose. Especially the blue coral bowl. Good blog!

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