miranda skoczek


I know that I’ve talked about how much I love pinterest and everything, but I just want y’all to know that my favorite thing about it is when I can look at recently pinned art. And one of my recent discoveries is Miranda Skoczek. I love her artwork! I find it so interesting and incredibly creative. She has an archive of her work on her website, and it’s amazing to see how her style has developed over time, while it still maintains an ever present theme. One of the things that she clearly focuses on is layering. She uses layers and layers of paint to reveal and hide different parts of her paintings. Her earlier works appear to be just acrylic and oil on canvas, but as she progresses, it is almost like she sample images from other areas and embellishes them with her layers. Check out some of her earlier works:

I love the use of color, texture, and layers. I love that you can see her brushstrokes almost like you can follow along with what she painted when. LIke we are on the journey of creation with her.

So then her pieces of art start to progress:

Doesn’t Mr. Zebra look like he was copied and pasted and then decorated? Such a neat idea!

I think the last one with the deer may be my absolute favorite. I just love the colors.

From her website’s biography:

“My work speaks of a desire to create sanctuaries for the self. It gestures towards fantasy, and a space where new meanings are actualised, and the everyday exoticised.”

I feel that even though she has a page long biography, which you should check out to further familiarize yourself with her influences and techniques, this last bit is her statement as an artist. And I love everything she has to say through her text as well as through her paintings. Hope you guys enjoy her work as much as I do.


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