shadow art


So with the wonders of the internet, I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the pieces of art that just look like piles of junk until the light hits them just the right way. When they are illuminated from just the right angle, the suddenly transform from piles of junk to shadow images projected on to the wall. Like this:

or this

Amazing, right? Well I saw an image showing where an artist took it one step further. By using color! I think that technically shadows are only gray, when light shines through an object, it’s called a refraction. Using the refraction of light through colored translucent objects, amazing images are displayed on the wall. Check this out:

I’m sorry, but how badass is that? Translucent airplanes strung from the ceiling, light shining through them to create this amazing art! I love this. I wish I could find some more examples of the use of color, but this is all I can find. The artist is Rashad Alakbarov. Here are some more examples of his work:

I’m impressed. Imagine the patience required to line everything up just right, and to get the light in just the right place. I’m continually amazed by the creativity of people out there! I hope you guys enjoy me sharing these things with you even when I don’t have a lot to say, or a lot of examples to show you. I just get so excited that I have to create an entire blog entry to show you one awesome piece of art! So there you have it!


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