PVC pipe art


I was driving to work this morning, and I saw a truck carrying a huge load of PVC pipes. And I was amazed by the beauty I saw on the bed of this truck! The shapes that the pipes created were like honeycombs or some kind of intricate structure. Check this out.

So I started to think how PVC pipe is a completely untapped (by me) resource in the craft world. Check out some of the interesting pieces people have created using sliced PVC pipes.

And then! I ran across the art of Korean artist Kang Duck-Bong. No giggles please. Anyway, Kang takes pieces of PVC pipe and creates intricate sculptures with them, and then covers them with a thick paint. The thin lines of PVC pipe, arranged in such a way create a sense of movement within the sculptures. Here they are sitting perfectly still, but it appears as if they are wooshing past you! Check out some examples below to see what I mean.

How cool are these?! I love superman and the cars the most. I think these sculptures are awesome. I would love to look at them from different angles. I bet they don’t look like much when viewed from the front. I love art like that. When you’re circling it in the museum and you’re thinking to yourself, “what the?” and then you get in just the right spot and it all comes together. It’s like the heavens opened and a light shines down, angels sing, and it all makes sense to you. I love it. And that’s what I feel with like this PVC art!


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