polar bear party


You know how every kid has that one stuffed animal they love and carry with them everywhere? Mine was a polar bear. Maybe mine still is a polar bear, that’s not the point. The point is that I think that is what has always fueled my love of polar bears. They look so gentle and majestic that it’s hard to believe they are stone cold killers. Are you all aware that the polar bears are losing their homes? The ice caps are melting, and polar bears are losing their habitat and their food sources. I recently symbolically adopted a polar bear via Polar Bears International. I’m hoping my donation can go toward raising awareness about the danger these bears face. That’s why I’ve decided to do a polar bear post. I’m hoping that this post will also raise awareness. Can you imagine living in a world without polar bears? Who would be the symbol for Coca Cola?!

I didn’t even know you could make an origami polar bear!

I love Dimdi! I know I’ve featured her work before.

Oh! I love these beasts! I wish I could do more to help them! You guys go check out Polar Bears International! See what they’re all about, and what you can do to help the polar bears!


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