Whenever I’m browsing things on etsy, I’m always drawn to brightly colored paintings. And the other day, I ran across this shop called RozArt owned by Roz from South Texas. I was particularly drawn to her series of paintings called “leap paintings.” I think you’ll understand why. Check these out.

I am in love with these paintings! As my regular readers have surely come to discover, I have a pretty defined sense of the type of art that I love. And these colorful abstract paintings are right up my alley. Not to mention, the little leapers! They are so happy and ecstatic and just leaping all over the place! I’m in love with the entire idea of this series of paintings. They just make me smile! And in my opinion, that is priceless in a piece of art.


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  1. I always love the art that you pick out to post. I adore these and am leaping over to Etsy right now.

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