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Hello bloggy friends! Today I have a very special treat to share with all of you! I’m featuring an artist that is the owner of the etsy shop, queen city concpetions! The owner, Jillian, creates beautiful hangers for brides and bridesmaids. I had the pleasure of knowing Jillian during my college years, and have enjoyed watching her shop grow. To keep it professional, I asked Jillian to answer the same ten questions that I’ve had a couple of artists answer, and I’m pleased to share her answers with all of you.

  • 1. Tell us a little about your background. [where you’re from, how you got started, how you got to where you are today, etc.]

I was originally raised in Summerville, SC and finished my “growing” years at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. After graduating with a degree in print journalism into a market where newspapers were more about firing people than hiring people, I stuck around Dick’s Sporting Goods as a manager for several years. The company bounced me all around the southeast, and I was fortunate enough to land in Charlotte, NC where I met my now husband. I actually got started bending hangers for my very own wedding in November of 2011. I wanted my bridesmaids to each have something that I could say I put my time and effort into, and I finally settled on personalized wire hangers. The hangers were such a hit with not only the girls, but with everyone who viewed my wedding photos that I made a small shop on Etsy, thinking maybe I could sell a few here and there, or at least have somewhere to send my friends to complete a sale. Well, a few sales quickly turned into several a day, and now here I am!

  • 2. When you’re not creating, how do you fill your days?
Recently I’ve really fallen in love with fitness again. Growing up as a swimmer, I always had a physical outlet, and I missed that. I started out slow, running with my 2-year-old female boxer, Harley. Now I’m running 5k’s on a regular basis, and am training for my first 10k in October! Other than that, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my two sweet nieces, and attempting to redecorate my house regularly without my husband completely figuring it out J
  • 3. Chocolate or vanilla?
Hrm- I’m totally going to have to go with chocolate… I can’t stop eating s’mores, guilty pleasure!
  • 4. What keeps you inspired to continue to create?
Honestly, my inspiration has been coming from people’s names. I have been having fun using scrap wire to attempt different ways of forming certain letters. I may decide that I’m bored with how my I’s look, and spend hours reforming and recreating that letter.
  • 5. Where is your favorite place to travel? [vacation, or on a daily basis]
I used to answer this with, “anywhere tropical.” We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon, and I love being in the sand on the beach. But my husband and I revisited Las Vegas last month, (I’d been twice before) and I never tire of that city. The buildings are always changing, new shows are popping up and of course, the city LITERALLY never sleeps!
  • 6. Do you have a designated studio? If so, what is your favorite part of it?
I originally started creating just sitting on the sofa with my dog and bending away while watching TV. But I’ve taken over my husband’s man room- a room that is adjacent to the living room with plenty of space, hardwood floors and lots of light!
  • 7. What is your number one cure for artist’s block?
It has definitely been running! It gives me time to stretch my fingers out- they cramp often- and rethink what I’m working on. I usually get stuck, I don’t start out stuck… so if I find myself aggravated with a specific section of a word, I go run. I feel like it relieves stress and gives me a new starting point.
  • 8. If you had to describe your creative style in three words — which three would you choose?
Bold, bubbly, and particular.
My decorations on hangers may not always represent it, but I love bold colors and large pieces. The bubbly fits into my handwriting, which transfers to my hanger fonts, and I CANNOT ship out a hanger to a bride unless I know that I would have been tickled to receive it for my big day.
  • 9. Where do you see yourself in seven years?
I would definitely like to be settled into the house of our dreams, (we’ve started looking now) with at least two children. My biggest dream has always been to become a mother. I cannot wait to plan and decorate children’s room, and projects, and clothing…. Oh the possibilities are endless.
  • 10. Do you have any exciting upcoming projects that you can or want to share with us?
Weirdly enough, I do! I never thought once I started Queen City Conceptions that it would ever do as much business as it is, and now that I am completing sales daily, I would love to branch out. I want to work with beading on the wire, as well as different color wire options and sweet little touches that add to a bride’s wedding! I have also started working with smaller fonts to complete some christening gown hangers for babies!
Okay guys– Now that you know a little bit about her, let’s look at some of her creations!
Aren’t these great?! I love her handwriting and the way she makes all the letters. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to create one of these with all one piece of wire. I can, however, imagine how beautiful they look in photos with a wedding dress hanging from them. Or all hanging in a row with the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. I would’ve loved to have had something like this on my wedding day! Be sure to check out her etsy shop here to see more and to place an order for yourself! Or you can like her facebook page here. And while you’re at it, be sure to like my facebook page as well!

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