Tzviatko Kinchev


What a name, right? Honestly, I don’t know much of anything about this artist except for the way the paintings make me feel. And they make me feel warm. I think you’ll be able to see exactly what I mean when I share these awesome paintings with you. One of the descriptors on the website where I first saw these paintings was “sensual.” Now, I left out the naughty ones that contained some nudity, but I still get a sensual vibe from the rest of these paintings. Something about the use of different bright colors to show light and shadow. I’ll show you what I mean.

This artist also has a really cool series of paintings that are not considered portraits, but maybe more landscapes. I love the colors and the sky in the background. You’ll like them. Trust me.

I love these paintings! I love the textures, and I love the colors. I love the way the girls in the portraits look, and I love the selection of scenes for the landscape paintings. I hope you guys like these paints as much as I do! I wish I could tell you where to go to see some more of these paintings, but like I said, I can’t seem to find them anywhere! Google. It works. Enjoy!


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