The other day I featured magenta as a focal color of one of posts, and at the end I asked all of you what you’d like to see featured next. One of my faithful (and favorite) readers said she would like to see some more turquoise posts. And the color combinations that were possible. Okay, so it was my mom. But still. It got me started putting together some turquoise looks on polyvore. I didn’t know if she wanted to see things that looked good for jewelry, or home decor, or what, so I went with clothes. Because if it is a color combo I would wear, then chances are I’d put it in my house. Or anywhere else. Also, I feel that too often, when turquoise is mentioned, our minds automatically jump to the stone. i wanted to show the broad spectrum of colors that can be worn as turquoise. Anyway. See what you think!

turquoise + purple

This was my first attempt at making a board on polyvore. I think I got better as I went along. But anyway, whenever I wear bright or bold colors, I always try to mix in a neutral to tone things down. You will see this as a common theme throughout these boards. Turquoise with purple (or plum) with a neutral colored jacket.

turquoise + garnet

Keeping it neutral with the black pants and shoes.

turquoise + mustard

Neutral with the navy shirt and the boots. Then spicing it up with the bracelets.

turquoise accessories

Accessories to be worn with everything! Your little black dress, your jeans and tshirts, sundresses, whatever strikes your fancy.

So there you have it. Some ways to wear turquoise. I hope you guys enjoyed viewing my first attempts at using polyvore, and I hope I might have opened you up to some new color combinations. If there’s anything y’all are interested in seeing, just shoot me a comment!


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