Many many moons ago, when I first discovered etsy, one of the first stores I ever bought anything from was a store called girlscantell owned by Sara Selepouchin. I was in love with her style, and her simplistic drawings. Basically, she draws diagrams of common everyday items, and labels each individual part with adorable handwriting. I also love the products that she offers. Like lunch bags, coasters, tea towels, and notecards. I must admit that since I bought these tea towels from her years ago, she’s broadened her selection. You’ll love these.

I love these! I feel like they would bring a nice breath of fresh air to anyone’s decor. The drawings are so simple, but the way they are presented makes them unlike anything else that’s out there right now. I love the descriptive labels. (Grabby claw on the robot.) They’re genius! The tea towels are my favorite. Although, I’m also a huge fan of the San Fran lunch sack. Check out her shop on etsy, and see which diagram is your favorite!


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