thread spools


I’ve always been one of those people that likes to have a lot of things. I want collections of things. Especially different colored things. There is something about having stacks of papers with paper clips, and books and notebooks that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’ve told you about how I used to want stacks of different colored paint chips. I want a rainbow collection of washi tape. I want bundles of brightly colored wrapping paper. You get the idea. I say all that to say, have you ever noticed the simplistic beauty in all of your spools of thread? I mean, we have to have a rainbow of them to cover our bases when sewing things, but would you ever sit down and think to photograph them? Or make a wreath out of them? Well, someone or multiple someons has (naturally) and I’m going to show you!

I love all of these. I love all of the colors, and the different spools, and everything. I love how the last wreath even has bobbins on it! The problem with getting older, is that all of your collections start to take over your house. And then you have to trim them down. Fortunately for me, my sewing is still at the point where I am acquiring colors. I’m sure that when I’m further up there, I’m going to have tons of spools of thread that I used one time for garment, and then I’m going to be forced to make a wreath with all of the excess. And I guarantee you that as soon as I hot glue one of them to the wreath, the button will fall off my shirt that was JUST that color. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Maybe this will give some of you crafters with the dilemma I mentioned earlier can use one of these ideas to use up some of your excess threads. Good luck!


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