confetti love


Hello friends! Happy Monday to you all! I wanted to start out this post by alerting you all to some changes that have been made to my blog! As you might have noticed, there are some new additions to the sidebar on the right side of the page. I officially have a button for all of you to “like” me on facebook if you so choose. [sorry that only took me a year to figure out] [please do that!!] and I have also signed up for a twitter account. If you follow me on twitter, you will be alerted each time I put up a new post. [same with facebook.] I also decided to make my blog official and I purchased my domain name! You can now access my blog by simply visiting Look at me go! Now, on to the post.

My birthday is in May. Having a birthday in May, I always got to celebrate it in school. Not that we ever did anything exciting, I can’t even remember if my mom brought in cupcakes or anything, but I know other people’s mom’s did. And it always made me a little sad for little kids who had summer birthdays when school was out. Sure they got to spend the day however they wanted, without having to be in classroom, but what’s the fun if you can’t share your birthday with 26 of your closest pals in homeroom? So today’s post is dedicated to all of you summer birthday people! What better way to have a celebration than with confetti?!

i love these confetti rings! “you only need one confetti to remember the party”









Happy Birthday to all of you summer babies! May you have many more happy celebrations full of confetti ahead of you!


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