maggi hambling


Maggi Hambling is an English painter and sculptor (I got that from Wikipedia) that I recently discovered on Pinterst. Judging from Wikipedia, she’s been around for quite some time, making art for many years. How have I not stumbled across her work before?! Hambling started out in portraiture, moved to landscapes, and most recently has been painting abstract paintings of waves and other seascapes. Like I said, I discovered her on Pinterest, and this painting was my first exposure to her.

But don’t worry! I’ve found more to share with all of you. Because that’s what I do. Hit it!

How awesome are these paintings?! From what I can tell, which is by no means an expert opinion, they appear to be acrylic paintings. I love the color choice, and the combination of textures. I love that you can see motion in these paintings. I can almost hear the rumble of the waves crashing against the shore. Can you? I feel like these paintings are kind of individual conundrums. The ocean is supposed to be such a calm, peaceful and soothing place, and when you look at it as a whole, it can be. It’s very predictable. Time after time the waves will hit the shore. That’s what happens. However, when looking at the individual waves, as captured by this artist, they elicit a certain feeling of chaos. They seem noisy and unpredictable. I think it is an extreme skill of Maggi to be able to accomplish creating these moods and feelings on a piece of canvas. I’m loving it.


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