jacob van loon


I ran across Jacob Van Loon on Pinterest a couple days ago, and I loved what I saw. So I headed over to his website to continue checking out his work, and I fell even more in love. I love the diversity of his work. As always, all of these images belong to the artist, and I’m just putting them on my blog to share with all of you, so you can love his work as much as I do.

this one is watercolor on a birch panel.

I really enjoy the way some of his paintings are completely structured, and some of them are completely fluid. And in the last one I showed you, you can see the structured and the fluid all in the same image. This juxtaposition of these two different styles is what makes his paintings unique in my opinion. I am also a fan of the different color palettes in the different series of works. From the first set of images, it appears that his color palette is rather one dimensional, and as you continue to scroll through his works, you see the versatility of his use of color. His paintings can be way more than monochromatic. Bright and colorful, and even shimmery [in the last one]. I’m a fan!!


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