packing tape sculptures


Mark Jenkins is an artist that focuses on installation pieces. However, instead of putting these installations in a museum, or an art gallery, he places them in nature. The cool thing about these particular sculptures I’m going to share with all of you, is that they are made of packing tape. Clear packing tape, that you can see straight through! It’s amazing to see these sculptures intermingled with urban environments, or interspersed with trees in a park. Hopefully, you guys will think these are as neat as I do. I checked out a video of how he created these sculptures, and Mark literally wrapped tape around a lady’s body, while she stood there and looked completely miserable. But anyway, once he got it all wrapped around her, he cut it off, and it held its shape. Crazy! But don’t worry! He did the face and head from a dummy.

How cool are these? The giraffe is my favorite. A lot of these sculptures are in Washington DC. How cool would it be to just be driving along, or walking in a park, and then BAM, you see one of these sculptures just hanging out? I think they’re great! I love the way you can see through them, and the way they interact with the environment they’re in. That giraffe is eating a plastic bag out of a tree! But you can almost look straight through him, if you choose to, because he’s translucent. Such a unique concept.


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  1. I love them too! but not the babies hanging all around. I liked the giraffe, too. I don’t see how he can handle the tape–I get it twisted and folded with just 6 inches.

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