bianca green


I was over on Society6 the other day trying to find some cool art, while simultaneously looking for a new outfit for my iphone, and I came across Bianca Green’s awesome artwork. Her artworks are totally colorful and she has a way of using intricate patterns within different elements of the same object. The overall affect is like a patchwork of awesomeness. If that sounds like a weird description, just take a look at some of these pieces, and I think you’ll understand better what I mean.

She has so many different pieces showcased over on her society6 page, here. You’ll have to head over there to see what else she has to offer, and so you can get a little bit better detail on some of those images. Isn’t it cool how she uses a different pattern in each little feather section of that eagle? Or the same for the owl? I would love to get one of those blown up and just spend hours examining all the different pieces parts within those awesome birds! They are so bright, and colorful, and happy. I love the little ray of sunshine these pieces of art offer the viewer.


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