I’m not exactly sure if this is a new trend that somehow I just missed, or if it isn’t a trend or all, but something that I keep seeing because I’m inexplicably drawn to it, but I’ve been noticing a lot of jewelry made with concrete. When I first saw the different pieces of jewelry, I couldn’t tell what they were made of at all. But upon further inspection (and some description reading) I discovered that the medium of choice was concrete! My only concern with concrete jewelry would be the weight. But I guess used in such small quantities at a time, it’s probably not very heavy at all. It’s not like you’re wearing a cinder block around your neck or anything. Anyway, check out some of these different pieces. And when you’re examining them, and thinking how pretty and delicate they look, keep in mind that they are made with concrete. The same thing as your sidewalks.

What do you guys think? Would you rock it? I would!


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