Unless you’ve been living under a rock (no offense to rock dwellers), you’ve probably definitely heard of instagram. If you haven’t, it’s basically a photo editing app for your phone. You download the app, then upload a picture to it. And then you select a filter to change the effect of the picture. Another cool thing about the app is that it’s more than a photo editor. You can follow friends like you do on twitter or other forms of social media, and see the kind of pictures they post. A lot of celebrities are using it, and it’s neat to have a peak in to their lives. I think my all time favorite thing about it is that it can make anything look awesome! Even pictures of food or my foot. Just having that filter over it makes the image take on a completely different life. And I love that! I’ve been a fan of instagram for quite awhile, and have a way too many pictures to share with all of you, but I’ve selected some of my favorites, and put them in 2×2 squares so that y’all can see just what all this app can do! Check ’em out!





Tadaaaa! And I know what you’re thinking. Hey Samantha, those are some awesome photos you have there (why thank you!), but what do you do with a bunch of square photos? Well bloggy friends, here is something I came across not too long ago– stickygram! What you do on this website is log in to your instagram account, and select the photos you want to have made into little sheets of 3×3 magnets for you. That way you can display them, and show them to all of your friends! I ordered two sheets of them. The problem is that they look so cool when the sheets are all together, that it’s hard to break them apart into individual little magnets. But once you do, they’re a lot more efficient!

So though you may have already heard of instagram, I figured it couldn’t hurt to fill you all in. Better safe than sorry! Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my instagram world!



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