tailgating part 1


Okay ladies and gentlemen—as you all know, football season is upon us! Some high schools have already played their first games! And college teams are starting up soon as well. As I’ve mentioned in a few other posts, I live in Columbia, South Carolina. Home of the Gamecocks. And yes sir I do have my season tickets! I’ll be there every game (most likely) screaming, “COCKS!!” at the top of my lungs and going bazerk when Cocky pops out of his box. As you know, us Southerners love our football. Combine that with Southern hospitality, sorority girls, and a love of good food, and you can just imagine what our tailgates look like. Unfortunately, I feel like ever since I graduated from college, my tailgate decor, my football wardrobe, and my tailgate food have been slightly lacking. So, in an effort to spice things up, and provide you guys some interesting blogs to read, I’ve decided to do a four part series on how I can make my tailgates more rocking. Whether the game is at home and we’re down at the stadium, or the game is away, and we’re in my living room, this year will not be lacking in school spirit or appropriate football festivities. Also, a big thanks to Jason for helping me come up with this idea!

So first things first, let’s talk about some tailgate essentials.

If you’re outside, you’re going to need a tent. There are about a thousand different varieties, but if you are hindered by the size of your tailagate area, you’ll probably want to go with a standard square size. I think they even make rectangular ones to better fit your parking space. Tents are essential to keeping the sun off, blocking wind, and just defining your area. A plus is that you can get a tent with just about any school name and logo on it. If you’re in to that sort of thing. If not, keeping it plain works just as well.

Next you’ll need chairs. Always have to have somewhere to lounge while sipping on those beers, or mimosas if it’s a morning game. Tailgate chairs come in even more varieties than tents. You can get them with or without arms, with or without cup holders. Some have foot rests, some have built in tables. Some are wider than others. It’s almost mind boggling. Here are a few of my favorites:

Okay. So now we have shelter, and a place to rest our weary bones, but what about a place to put all of our food and treats? {these will be featured in a later post} Get you a table.

umm this one fits into the tailgate hitch of your vehicle. Awesome!

this one has a grill rack! fancy!

of course, this one works just fine, too

I don’t know about you guys, but sitting outside of the stadium and staring at it for hours can get a little old. You’re going to need to get some form of entertainment. This can be a radio, cornhole boards, a Frisbee, deck of cards—whatever suits your fancy. Here are some of my suggestions:

ipod speaker




and whatever the heck this is..

And last but not least, no tailgate is complete without a cooler. You’re on your own with that one, though. Just make sure it is fully stocked with your favorite beverages. But be sure to leave room for cold items for eating {also featured in a later post}. You may need two separate coolers!

So there you have it. The barebones of a tailgate. In the next post, we will discuss items to make your tailgate more school spirit-ed. Or how to decorate your tailgate area without bringing too much junk. And be sure to stay posted for tailgate food, and game day attire!


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