tailgating part 4


As I mentioned earlier, at Williams Brice Stadium, gameday is something of a formal event. Girls are dressed to the nines, and men are sporting bow ties. Personally, I like to throw in a mixture of cute attire and comfort. So for me, that means no heels, no strapless dresses, and nothing too fancy. It’s inevitable that you’re going to do a fair bit of sweating, being packed in a stadium with 80,000 of your closest friends, so nothing that won’t hold up to the sweat. This post may be an unintentional homage to garnet, because that’s my team’s color. However, I’m going to try to include items that come in different colors for different teams as well. As most Gamecock fans know, no one exactly knows what color garnet is. We will wear anything from merlot to red (as long as we aren’t playing Georgia!). So with that being said, excuse the wide color variety. But here are some ideas I have for cute gameday attire!

This first dress can be worn with or without leggings, and also comes in turquoise. I bought it, and because I’m a bit short, it is WAY longer on me. I thought I would definitely need leggings, but nope!


This shirt I would rock with jeans and some garnet jewelry:

This dress is super cute, but I think the high collar would get on my nerves. It kind of breaks my rules about sweat. However, I’m showing it to you because if you click on the picture and go to the etsy shop, there are tons of different colors and options for different teams in the shop.

I just stuck this in here because I’m pretty sure I need it.

For the fellas:


Borderline red, but I still like it:

For your face: My friend Casey, who I’ve mentioned before, borrowed my face for her makeup blog. Head over there to see her garnet gameday makeup look!

Okay ladies and gentlemen. This concludes my four part series on tailgating! I hope you guys have enjoyed it. I know I’ve enjoyed putting it together and sharing it with all of you! And it’s mighty convenient that the last post fell on the first game of our football season. So with that being said, Go Gamecocks!



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  1. Woop woop! Shoutout for the makeup blog!!

    Love all of these, especially the dress you bought! With that being said, I can’t believe you wore BLUE today!! LOL!!

    I loved this tailgating series!!

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