DIY wall art


The other day in the midst of cleaning up my craft room / office / spare room / junk area, I came across a pack of 8×10 canvases that were begging to painting. So, I stopped cleaning, and answered the request. I remembered a DIY had seen over on Pinterest, and decided to adapt it for myself. It was really easy, lots of fun, and completely inexpensive.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • blank canvases
  • lots of colors of paint
  • tape
  • picture frames

These seem pretty generic, because you can completely customize this however you want! You can do two canvases, three, seven, whatever floats your boat. Frames to match. You can do a color scheme or rainbows or whatever! And you don’t have to have any artistic skills at all. It’s a win-win-win.

So I started with blank canvases, squirted paint on them, and brushed it around. I did this with a bunch of different colors and ended up with this.

hideous, right?

Don’t panic. It gets better. But unfortunately, it gets worse before it gets better. After I let the first bit dry, I added more paint. And ended up with this:

Chaos! Andafter everything dried, I proceeded to tape a pattern on top of the canvases. I tried to do a chevron… but I got confused. So I decided to do a kind of herringbone pattern. It was relatively easy, I taped everything off so that the canvases had 2″x2″ squares, and then taped on the diagonals of each square to make the pattern. This is what I ended up with:

After I taped everything off, I filled in some sections with tape. These were mostly areas where I liked the way the canvases looked underneath. Where I had accidentally mixed some paint colors in a neat way, or something like that. Time for full disclosure. I LOVED the way this looked. And unfortunately, I wasn’t in love with the final product. But I’m getting ahead of myself. After I taped everything, I mixed a color of paint that I liked (a very light gray), and painted over the entire canvases.

After everything dried, I pulled off the tape, and put them in my frames. The frames I used were just the wood frame with little metal peg things on the back. There were totally cheap, and perfect for this project. I could just stick the canvases in, bend the pegs down, and ta daaaaaa— final product! Drum roll please…

I think it looks pretty neat, but as I mentioned before, I wish I had done the inverse of this. The way to achieve this would have been to paint the canvases gray first, tape off the herringbone design, and then paint crazy all over them. But regardless, I think it turned out well. It will nicely fill up an empty wall somewhere in my house. As I mentioned, this project is completely customizable. I just wanted to share with you all the idea, and a way I had tweaked it for myself. Hope you enjoyed!


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