Atsushi Takahashi


Atsushi Takashi is an artist that my sister referred me to, because she thought I would find it interesting. Surprise! I did! and I thought all of you would enjoy it, and find it interesting as well. Born in Japan in 1979, Takahashi spent years working in a nursing home where he experienced first hand the overlap that many people experience in their lives. (I got this information from here) I know exactly what he means by overlap, too, although I’m having difficulty putting it into words. Regardless, he translated his perception of this reality into his art work. His medium of choice is acrylic paint, and instead of using a brush or anything, Takahashi squirts the paint directly from the tube onto the canvas, overlapping layer after layer. Like life. Check this out.

See the way the paint has just been squirted right there? Look at all the colors and layers and all of the details. Are you ready to see what this looks like from far away?

Here are some detail shots from this amazing piece of art.

So this might look a little scary to you, but think about if someone were able to look inside of you and see all of your layers. If they could see what made you who you were. Story after story, trial, tribulation and happy times, too. I think we would all look a little scary.

This painting is called Feel you as me. There are a few other paintings created by Takahashi that emply this same technique.

You, She, He, We, Me

How amazing are these detail? I love the idea of the layers and the overlap within these paintings. I also think it is amazing how the artist knows exactly where to put what color so that when you stand back, the image that you see blends together and looks like one cohesive painting, instead of many many layers. I will definitely keep this artist on my radar so that I can see what amazing painting he comes up with next. I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing this unique work. Many thanks to my sister!


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