Do you ever feel completely caught up in an uncontrollable force? Like you’re flying away and you can’t quite get your feet on the ground? You feel like you are just being blown from place to place by the wind, and you don’t have much control. And just when you get ready to put your feet down and walk on, one last big burst of wind comes and then you’re off again. No? No one else feels like that? Just me? Dang. Well here are some images that depict how I feel sometimes.

I love the last one the best. I’ve been that girl with her hair all caught up in the wind. It gets in your face and sticks to your lips and tickles your cheeks. For me, there is a strange mix of emotions associated with being windswept. As weird of a feeling as it is being caught up and swept away, the wind is also very grounding. It lets you know you’re alive. That there are forces bigger than you out there. Sometimes you need that to put everything else in perspective. And I’m finished being deep and pensive. Go feel the wind on your face, and enjoy it.


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