People powered trees


So there are a lot of people over in China. And there is a bunch of pollution and bad stuff that comes from the vehicles of all of these people, so a couple people from the marketing firm DDB China and the China Environmental Protection Foundation put together this awesome plan to remind people of the impact that walking can have on the environment. What they decided to do was put canvases that were painted with a tree trunk and branches across the crosswalks in fifteen different cities. On each side of the crosswalk was a green ink pad. So… when people went to the crosswalk, they got green ink on their shoes, and then left prints on the canvases. And the result it is awesome. Check out these pictures.






How awesome is that?! Does it not look like a painting of a real tree? Like someone went out in their backyard and painted a picture of a tree that was just growing there? And that is just from people walking! How amazing is that? What a great way to remind people of the impact that walking has. On a canvas or on the environment. Great work, people!




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