finger painting


Didn’t you love finger painting as a kid? It was so much fun. You didn’t have to worry about holding a brush steady, or getting the right amount of paint on the brush or anything, you just dipped your finger in your paint and went at it. This artist, Judith Ann Braun, has taken finger painting to a whole new level. With her series called “Fingerings,” she has used charcoal dust as “paint” and her fingertips as “brushes” to create a series of pieces where she focuses on symmetry and patterns. Her works are kind of like a Seruat painting. Up close you can see the individual fingerprints, but take a step back and you can see the works as a larger picture.

Wow! Can you believe she did all of that with her fingers?! I feel like she probably always has black and dirty hands, but who cares when that is the kind of work she is creating? I love the symmetry, and I love that in some of the pieces you can feel movement. I only wish there were a little bit more color– but you guys know I’m a huge fan of color. What do you think?


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