mustard and wine


So, while not a food combination I would like to try, it’s definitely a color combination I can get behind. This color combination was suggested to me by Casey, and I am definitely liking it. I did my usual search of etsy to try to find items that featured these colors together, and I can up short. So I started searching for clothes in these color families, and was delightfully surprised with what I found. I’ve prepared a couple of polyvore “sets” for you guys to see how I would wear these items. I’ve told you before that I like to keep some neutrality in my outfits when I’m trying out new color combos, so I’ve tried to show you how I would work these colors together and the items not shown would most likely be kept neutral. Also! All of the main items featured whether mustard or wine colored are from Ann Taylor Loft.





And of course, here are some items you could pair with any of these outfits!

And for your furry friend…

Ta daaa! What do you guys think? Are you a fan of this color combination? Would you rock it?


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