i’m back!


Hello bloggy friends! I’m sorry for my long hiatus! We’ve been struggling with some house issues due to a broken pipe. All the furniture has been transported, and I finally unearthed my laptop. Also, I just finished my licensing exam! I won’t get results until the middle of December, but I’ll keep you posted. Anyway! Let’s get down to business!

Last year for Christmas, my sister gave me the cutest little picture of a baby monkey running around. And I didn’t discover until today where it came from! It is this awesome website, or store, called The Animal Print Shop. The artist, Sharon Montrose, takes photographs of animals. I know that sounds pretty blah or run of the mill, but her photographs are amazing! I think the thing I love most about her photographs is that the animals are taken out of their natural element, and put in a white room with pretty wooden floors. She has all kinds of animals. Everything from pheasants to kittens. Tigers, lions, lambs, kangaroos all kinds of little creatures! But not just babies. Anyway, the first picture is the monkey my sister got me, but then the rest are just some of my favorites.

What do you guys think?! I love these animals! I’m kind of a sucker for animals. In case you guys didn’t notice. Wouldn’t these look so cute in a nursery? Anyway, just a little something to get us back on track. I will resume my normal Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday blogging next week! Be sure to “like” me on facebook!


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