So pinecones are a really big thing in decorating these days. I haven’t really gotten it into my house’s decor, yet, but I think it might be on the way. It’s weird to think about how there are some parts of the country that don’t have pinecones. The only way they can get them in their decor is to go to the craft store and buy them! But over here on the east coast, pinecones are a dime a dozen. Cheaper than that, even. They’re free! You just walk outside and there they are. It’s also kind of weird to think about how people glorify them by putting them in the home, when to so many of us, pinecones are a pain! Have you ever tried to walk around outside without your shoes on where there are pinecones? Ouch! But when they are in the home, they look so gentle and dignified. It’s kind of a strange contradiction that I’m really liking.

love these!

what! adorable!

What do you guys think of this trend? Are you digging it? I think they add just a little something extra to the decor! I’m really liking the way have been used to pull the tablescapes together! I love the idea that just pulling something in from your backyard can have such a huge effect on your decor, don’t you?


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