fair night


So the fair was in town not too long ago, and as usual, it was a blast! My husband and I don’t ever ride the rides, but there are some aspects to the fair that we can never miss. We must always see the giant sand castle. We must always eat delicious food, though it varies from year to year. And we must always play a bunch of games! One of my favorite parts of the fair, is all of the lights and colors! (We usually only go at night.) Sometimes I just stare up and look at all of them against the black sky, and it just makes me smile. Of course then people bump into me and look at me like I’m crazy, so then I put my head down and walk quickly. I feel like if I had one of those fancy DSLR cameras, or I had taken any camera besides my iphone, I would have a blast trying to capture some images of the fair. I would like to play with exposure length so you could see the movement of the rides, or with the apertures so I could make certain lights really pop. But. I don’t have the knowledge or the means to do, so I just admire other people’s beautiful depictions of the fair at night. Here are some of my favorites that I found on etsy.







See what I’m saying? Can’t you just hear the music? And smell the food? I feel almost swept away by the images with movement in them, as if I’m actually on the ride as opposed to just looking at a picture! Do you guys like going to the fair? What’s your favorite part?


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