color bombing


So I’ve seen examples of color bombing many times before, but for some reason it’s never occurred to me to put them all together in a post. Some people are referring to them as colored smoke photographs, or explosions of color, but I prefer the term color bombing. I think what it usually is, is paint pigment is thrown up into the air and then pictures are taken to capture the way it falls back to the earth. It’s pretty similar to the color run, if you’ve ever seen anyone participate in that. I think there are also some photographers that do use actual colored smoke, but to me, it’s still a bomb of color. Hence my term, color bombing.

First up we have Spanish photographer Lola Guerra who has decided to color bomb Mexican deserts. Her images are incredible. The contrast of the natural desert environment with the plumes of color is an eye catching juxtaposition, and a statement from the artist that cannot be ignored. It’s almost like with each image she captures, she is saying something about human’s impact on nature. How mankind has scarred the natural landscape of America. Or maybe she just went out into the desert so her color bombs wouldn’t get all over everything else. Anyway, check out some of her photos.

Next, we have Marcel Christ who has literally captured explosions of color. Against a solid backdrop, this still life photographer has created special cocktails of color bombs to create unique photographs. The neat thing about his work is that there are two visibly different styles. One explosion is sharp and bright like a firework, and one is soft and fluffy like a falling cloud. Also, the “firework” style is more monochromatic, where the “fluffy” style showcases more of a gradient of color.

Lastly, we have Rob and Nick Carter who have chosen a beautiful bright blue sky as their backdrop. The interesting thing about this series, is just the shapes of the color bombs themselves. It’s need to see the different stages throughout the explosion the photo was taken, and the different ways they fall back to earth. Gravity is a beautiful thing, my friend. Check ’em out.

Well there you have it folks, three different photographers, showing three different methods of color bombing, while simultaneously making the world a more colorful place. What do you think about this new trend in photography? Do you love it or hate it? Is it something you want to try? Imagine how dialed in you have to have you camera to be able to capture these jussssttt right. What a challenge that would be!


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