kaleido trays


Have you guys seen these awesome Kaleido trays yet? They are available at HAY, (and other websites) and they are the coolest home decor items I’ve seen in quite some time. Basically, they are painted steel trays that you can put all throughout your house to hold in number of do-dads and trinkets. The awesome thing about them, is that they all fit together. They come in 5 different sizes and a variety of shapes colors. All of the colors look awesome together, and all of the shapes fit together in fascinating patterns. Check out some examples of these trays laid out and looking mighty sweet.





I could share a million different pictures with you, because I’m sure the combinations are just about endless. Google “kaleido trays” if you want to see some more examples of configurations. I’m pretty sure I need just about all of these in my home, don’t you think? How awesome are they? If any of you have these, or are thinking about buying them, I would love to know how you like them, or what you think about them! Thanks guys!


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