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street art


Today I’m going to share with all of you some awesome street art that was created by the German artist duo Zebrating. Their art is defined as anamorphic. Anamorphic art is basically art that is viewed one way and then upon moving or viewing from a different angle, the art looks completely different. Some examples of this have been going around the web lately. There are images of huge studios with what appear to be randomly colored lines, and then when you stand at just the right angle, a word forms. The art duo Zebrating creates their mural on fences or railings so that at just the right angle it forms a complete picture! It’s pretty awesome! Check out some examples:

I think these are so cool! I wonder if they paint on each individual post. Do you think it would work if they were to print out a large mural and cut strips of the mural and put them on each post? Do you think the dimensioning would be all messed up? Or do you think they have to paint on each individual post? It’s such a neat idea! So creative and inventive! What do you think?


amy hamilton


I’ve got a great artist to share with all of you today! It’s an artist I found over on Society6, and I think you’re really going to love her! Her name is Amy Hamilton, and she has a great aesthetic. She mostly paints animals, but they have a dreamlike quality to them that makes them very endearing. Check out her work!

How much do you love these little animals?! I love the messy and colorful splotches that all of them have. Most of all, I love the upside down drips of the antlers. I also really enjoy the dark color scheme of all of the pieces. They aren’t overly colorful and bright, but they are still cheerful and incredibly enjoyable. What do you guys think?

fair night


So the fair was in town not too long ago, and as usual, it was a blast! My husband and I don’t ever ride the rides, but there are some aspects to the fair that we can never miss. We must always see the giant sand castle. We must always eat delicious food, though it varies from year to year. And we must always play a bunch of games! One of my favorite parts of the fair, is all of the lights and colors! (We usually only go at night.) Sometimes I just stare up and look at all of them against the black sky, and it just makes me smile. Of course then people bump into me and look at me like I’m crazy, so then I put my head down and walk quickly. I feel like if I had one of those fancy DSLR cameras, or I had taken any camera besides my iphone, I would have a blast trying to capture some images of the fair. I would like to play with exposure length so you could see the movement of the rides, or with the apertures so I could make certain lights really pop. But. I don’t have the knowledge or the means to do, so I just admire other people’s beautiful depictions of the fair at night. Here are some of my favorites that I found on etsy.







See what I’m saying? Can’t you just hear the music? And smell the food? I feel almost swept away by the images with movement in them, as if I’m actually on the ride as opposed to just looking at a picture! Do you guys like going to the fair? What’s your favorite part?

roger kirk nelson


Another artist to share with all of you, Roger Kirk Nelson is a little bit different than most artist’s I feature. Reason being, is that he has a bit of a tropical vibe to him, which is not something I usually go for. However, the bright colors and fun shapes of his paintings drew me in!

What do you guys think? Do you love the bright colors and bold designs? They definitely make me smile. I feel like I am transported to some kind of tropical oasis when I look at them!



So pinecones are a really big thing in decorating these days. I haven’t really gotten it into my house’s decor, yet, but I think it might be on the way. It’s weird to think about how there are some parts of the country that don’t have pinecones. The only way they can get them in their decor is to go to the craft store and buy them! But over here on the east coast, pinecones are a dime a dozen. Cheaper than that, even. They’re free! You just walk outside and there they are. It’s also kind of weird to think about how people glorify them by putting them in the home, when to so many of us, pinecones are a pain! Have you ever tried to walk around outside without your shoes on where there are pinecones? Ouch! But when they are in the home, they look so gentle and dignified. It’s kind of a strange contradiction that I’m really liking.

love these!

what! adorable!

What do you guys think of this trend? Are you digging it? I think they add just a little something extra to the decor! I’m really liking the way have been used to pull the tablescapes together! I love the idea that just pulling something in from your backyard can have such a huge effect on your decor, don’t you?

etsy love


Because I’ve been absent from the blog world for a couple weeks, I’ve come across a bunch of items on etsy that I’ve fallen in love with! So as is my duty, I will share them with all of you! So here is my latest installment of loves from etsy.

this dog cracks me up.

Etsy is an amazing place. Seriously. You can find anything you need on there! I love it!

i’m back!


Hello bloggy friends! I’m sorry for my long hiatus! We’ve been struggling with some house issues due to a broken pipe. All the furniture has been transported, and I finally unearthed my laptop. Also, I just finished my licensing exam! I won’t get results until the middle of December, but I’ll keep you posted. Anyway! Let’s get down to business!

Last year for Christmas, my sister gave me the cutest little picture of a baby monkey running around. And I didn’t discover until today where it came from! It is this awesome website, or store, called The Animal Print Shop. The artist, Sharon Montrose, takes photographs of animals. I know that sounds pretty blah or run of the mill, but her photographs are amazing! I think the thing I love most about her photographs is that the animals are taken out of their natural element, and put in a white room with pretty wooden floors. She has all kinds of animals. Everything from pheasants to kittens. Tigers, lions, lambs, kangaroos all kinds of little creatures! But not just babies. Anyway, the first picture is the monkey my sister got me, but then the rest are just some of my favorites.

What do you guys think?! I love these animals! I’m kind of a sucker for animals. In case you guys didn’t notice. Wouldn’t these look so cute in a nursery? Anyway, just a little something to get us back on track. I will resume my normal Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday blogging next week! Be sure to “like” me on facebook!