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street art


Today I’m going to share with all of you some awesome street art that was created by the German artist duo Zebrating. Their art is defined as anamorphic. Anamorphic art is basically art that is viewed one way and then upon moving or viewing from a different angle, the art looks completely different. Some examples of this have been going around the web lately. There are images of huge studios with what appear to be randomly colored lines, and then when you stand at just the right angle, a word forms. The art duo Zebrating creates their mural on fences or railings so that at just the right angle it forms a complete picture! It’s pretty awesome! Check out some examples:

I think these are so cool! I wonder if they paint on each individual post. Do you think it would work if they were to print out a large mural and cut strips of the mural and put them on each post? Do you think the dimensioning would be all messed up? Or do you think they have to paint on each individual post? It’s such a neat idea! So creative and inventive! What do you think?


amy hamilton


I’ve got a great artist to share with all of you today! It’s an artist I found over on Society6, and I think you’re really going to love her! Her name is Amy Hamilton, and she has a great aesthetic. She mostly paints animals, but they have a dreamlike quality to them that makes them very endearing. Check out her work!

How much do you love these little animals?! I love the messy and colorful splotches that all of them have. Most of all, I love the upside down drips of the antlers. I also really enjoy the dark color scheme of all of the pieces. They aren’t overly colorful and bright, but they are still cheerful and incredibly enjoyable. What do you guys think?

roger kirk nelson


Another artist to share with all of you, Roger Kirk Nelson is a little bit different than most artist’s I feature. Reason being, is that he has a bit of a tropical vibe to him, which is not something I usually go for. However, the bright colors and fun shapes of his paintings drew me in!

What do you guys think? Do you love the bright colors and bold designs? They definitely make me smile. I feel like I am transported to some kind of tropical oasis when I look at them!

christine soccio


So a product of following UGallery on Pinterest, is that I discovered Christine Soccio. An artist from Little Falls, New Jersey, Christine uses non-traditional materials to create a wide variety of works. She is constantly reinventing herself. Where there is too much color, she goes to black and white. When she is tired of a tool, she moves on to another one. That is such a great initiative to have. To never get too comfortable in one zone, but to be able to pack it up, move on, and start all over. Let’s see some of these pieces!

Go to this link to see more of her artwork. I love the colors, and the techniques, and the textures. I love the paint drips and the seemingly random colors, and also the underlying structure behind each of these images. What do you guys think?

finger painting


Didn’t you love finger painting as a kid? It was so much fun. You didn’t have to worry about holding a brush steady, or getting the right amount of paint on the brush or anything, you just dipped your finger in your paint and went at it. This artist, Judith Ann Braun, has taken finger painting to a whole new level. With her series called “Fingerings,” she has used charcoal dust as “paint” and her fingertips as “brushes” to create a series of pieces where she focuses on symmetry and patterns. Her works are kind of like a Seruat painting. Up close you can see the individual fingerprints, but take a step back and you can see the works as a larger picture.

Wow! Can you believe she did all of that with her fingers?! I feel like she probably always has black and dirty hands, but who cares when that is the kind of work she is creating? I love the symmetry, and I love that in some of the pieces you can feel movement. I only wish there were a little bit more color– but you guys know I’m a huge fan of color. What do you think?

Atsushi Takahashi


Atsushi Takashi is an artist that my sister referred me to, because she thought I would find it interesting. Surprise! I did! and I thought all of you would enjoy it, and find it interesting as well. Born in Japan in 1979, Takahashi spent years working in a nursing home where he experienced first hand the overlap that many people experience in their lives. (I got this information from here) I know exactly what he means by overlap, too, although I’m having difficulty putting it into words. Regardless, he translated his perception of this reality into his art work. His medium of choice is acrylic paint, and instead of using a brush or anything, Takahashi squirts the paint directly from the tube onto the canvas, overlapping layer after layer. Like life. Check this out.

See the way the paint has just been squirted right there? Look at all the colors and layers and all of the details. Are you ready to see what this looks like from far away?

Here are some detail shots from this amazing piece of art.

So this might look a little scary to you, but think about if someone were able to look inside of you and see all of your layers. If they could see what made you who you were. Story after story, trial, tribulation and happy times, too. I think we would all look a little scary.

This painting is called Feel you as me. There are a few other paintings created by Takahashi that emply this same technique.

You, She, He, We, Me

How amazing are these detail? I love the idea of the layers and the overlap within these paintings. I also think it is amazing how the artist knows exactly where to put what color so that when you stand back, the image that you see blends together and looks like one cohesive painting, instead of many many layers. I will definitely keep this artist on my radar so that I can see what amazing painting he comes up with next. I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing this unique work. Many thanks to my sister!

maggi hambling


Maggi Hambling is an English painter and sculptor (I got that from Wikipedia) that I recently discovered on Pinterst. Judging from Wikipedia, she’s been around for quite some time, making art for many years. How have I not stumbled across her work before?! Hambling started out in portraiture, moved to landscapes, and most recently has been painting abstract paintings of waves and other seascapes. Like I said, I discovered her on Pinterest, and this painting was my first exposure to her.

But don’t worry! I’ve found more to share with all of you. Because that’s what I do. Hit it!

How awesome are these paintings?! From what I can tell, which is by no means an expert opinion, they appear to be acrylic paintings. I love the color choice, and the combination of textures. I love that you can see motion in these paintings. I can almost hear the rumble of the waves crashing against the shore. Can you? I feel like these paintings are kind of individual conundrums. The ocean is supposed to be such a calm, peaceful and soothing place, and when you look at it as a whole, it can be. It’s very predictable. Time after time the waves will hit the shore. That’s what happens. However, when looking at the individual waves, as captured by this artist, they elicit a certain feeling of chaos. They seem noisy and unpredictable. I think it is an extreme skill of Maggi to be able to accomplish creating these moods and feelings on a piece of canvas. I’m loving it.