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amy hamilton


I’ve got a great artist to share with all of you today! It’s an artist I found over on Society6, and I think you’re really going to love her! Her name is Amy Hamilton, and she has a great aesthetic. She mostly paints animals, but they have a dreamlike quality to them that makes them very endearing. Check out her work!

How much do you love these little animals?! I love the messy and colorful splotches that all of them have. Most of all, I love the upside down drips of the antlers. I also really enjoy the dark color scheme of all of the pieces. They aren’t overly colorful and bright, but they are still cheerful and incredibly enjoyable. What do you guys think?


amy sia


Awhile ago, I featured the website called society6, that had hundreds of pages of covers for your iphone. Remember all the awesome covers they had? One of the coolest things about society6 is that artist’s have their own galleries and you can make all of their art into phone covers. Today I’m sharing with you the art of Amy Sia. When I clicked on her gallery page, the colors were so bright, that it literally hurt my eyes! And I LOVE IT! As a whole, they are definitely bright, but when you look at each individual piece, it’s much less overwhelming. Let’s see what you guys think!

So bright! So colorful! So in love with all of these!